The Rainbow Flag Award delivery partners have a wealth of shared, recommended resources between them. Here you will find useful resources, guidance and leaflets that may be useful to professionals or young people in your school or organisation. Click on the organisation to go to their website to buy or download the item.

Educational Resources

Click on the links to access the various sets of resources:

Allsorts of Visibility: Celebrating LGBT+ People of Colour

Allsorts of Visibility: Celebrating LGBT+ People of Colour, is the brand new series of resources intended to celebrate and showcase LGBT+ People of Colour (PoC).

One of the challenges many people may face when growing up as LGBT+ is that they are not presented with many or any positive LGBT+ role models in their immediate proximity, or in mainstream culture. Those of us with intersecting or mixed marginalised identities are often most misrepresented or non-existent in mainstream culture and this is particularly true for LGBT+ People of Colour.

Click the logo to access the currently available resource on Black LGBT+ people, with more to come soon:

Pride Lanyards

Why not kit your team out with some Pride lanyards? The Proud Trust sells:

  • 6-stripe lanyards (based on the widely recognised rainbow Pride Flag)
  • Progress lanyards (based on the Progress Flag). 

Available from The Proud Trust shop:

Toolkits, Booklets and Guides

Allsorts Youth Project have worked with their young people to come up with a range of useful toolkits and guides. They have also worked with Brighton and Hove Council to produce the comprehensive V4 of the Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit – a guide to supporting trans, non-binary and gender questioning children and young people in educational settings.

Click the logo below to access the downloadable resources, and on the Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit cover image (right) to go directly to that:


The LGBT+ Groups in Schools Alliance

Join a growing national network of LGBT+ Groups in Schools, and receive a range of resources, including training and weekly activity suggestions for your group.

Click on the logo for details: